Automotive Hail Repairs

Who Are We

Paintless Dent Repair is the Number 1 choice for both customers and major insurers within the Automotive Hail Damage repair industry. has been the major player from the outset of specialist Hail Damage Repairs, helping Australians and New Zealanders through some of their biggest respective Hail catastrophes. 
Established in 1996, has a track record that surpasses each and every one of our competitors in repair quality and vehicle repair time. An acute awareness of the reliance people have on their cars, as well as our personal approach also means our customer service is second to none - we’re in the perfect position to deliver on the needs of our fussiest clients.
The chosen Automotive Hail Repair partner for some of the world’s largest
insurers, has the time-tested strategies, systems and personnel in place to handle thousands of hail damaged vehicles simultaneously, whilst still meeting the specific needs of every individual client.