Automotive Hail Repairs

Letter from the director

Growing up within a family business which now exceeds 30 years, and having a passion for cars and car racing from a young age, I learnt and believe that good work ethic, integrity and compassion are the backbone of a successful business.

On completion of my mechanical apprenticeship in my father’s company I travelled to the United States to train and learn the skills of Paintless Dent Removal, also known as PDR . On my return to Australia I started my own PDR business in 1998 concentrating on smaller park dents and damage.

After an intense Hail storm in my home town of Sydney, I realised that there was a huge demand for my skills and knowledge in the Hail and Smash repair industry. From that point I found that I loved the intensity of the work and the enjoyment of customers after their car was restored to its pre-hail condition. My passion led me to concentrate on repairing Hail damage. So much so, that I have travelled around the world working on Hail damaged vehicles, and gaining experience from different hail storms, different car manufacturers, as well as different cultures.

As a result of this time I realised the need for a mobile Hail repair company, but not just a repair company, one that provides a complete setup of professionalism, compassion and job satisfaction. Being approachable, friendly and going the extra mile for the customer is what myself, my employees and my company excel in.

Currently within my Automotive Hail Repairs organisation, I have employed and trained staff in several key roles that focus on maintaining our client’s comfort and satisfaction.

In 2013, my company, Automotive Hail Repairs joined the worlds largest Hail Damage Repair network, partnering with Automotive Hail Repairs USA and Automotive Hail Repairs Europe. This groundbreaking combination places Automotive Hail Repairs Australia at the cutting edge of the Paintless Dent Repair industry.

I am excited and energetic about the future of my company, which is the most reliable, professional and well known among insurance companies and Smash Repairers in Australia, and around the world. My goal is to stay in Australia, helping Australian smash repair shops and customers, twelve months of the year through my PDR business, and I am confident that my team of dedicated staff and our state of the art facilities will help me achieve this objective.

Growing my company as a family that focuses on maintaining honesty and hard work ethics is proving to set us as leaders in this industry. In saying this, my objective was never to be biggest PDR Company, but the best.

I look forward to advancing with you in the exciting world of Paintless Dent Repair.

Joel Knott