Automotive Hail Repairs

PDR Training has the most recognized Paintless Dent Repair training program in the Hail Damage Repair industry. 

With more than a decade dedicated to refining this program,, as a company and as a training program, is on the cutting edge of Paintless Dent Repair.

Whether you’re an individual looking to break into the PDR Industry or a larger firm who recognizes the advantages of having Paintless Dent Repair within your organization, training within the most respected program on the market will allow you to become a true industry leader.

The PDR program is taught exclusively by Joel Knott - trainer to the industry leaders across North America, Australasia and Europe. There is no individual more respected in the PDR training field than Joel, with an overwhelming will to share his expertise.

Located in picturesque Bend Oregon,'s PDR Training center provides the combination of in-depth training and that much needed getaway you have been looking for. With every detail covered, from lodging to flights,'s PDR training program continues to raise the bar. 

Currently hosting one training program per year in April with limited places,'s training program is the most sought after for future Hail Tech's and Door Ding specialists. 

Email today to reserve your place.

Alternatively, has the same in-depth training program conveniently and professionally produced onto a 10 day 16 hour DVD set. You can be a "fly on the wall" and witness every minute of the world renowned PDR Training program that has taught the best in the industry.